use of nuclear energy nuclear energy definition nuclear plant in india nuclear energy ppt
use of nuclear energy nuclear energy definition nuclear plant in india nuclear energy ppt


  • The surrounding regions do not benefit from nuclear power plants.

    You must be aware of nuclear power’s contribution in the country’s progress, but did you know that the nuclear power plant itself contributes to the development of the surrounding region.

    The setting up of a nuclear power plant, automatically gives rise to the development of basic facilities like roads, drinking water, etc. As a natural progression, hospitals, schools, parks, etc. also come up in the vicinity, giving birth to complete townships. What’s more, several other initiatives also get undertaken, for the conservation and protection of the environment.

    The fact is that the development of a nuclear power plant brings with it new employment opportunities in the surrounding region. This results in the economic growth and rise in the living standards of the local residents.

    This way nuclear power plants don’t just produce electricity, they also light up the lives of those who reside around them.

  • Nuclear power plants emit high amount of radiation.

    Radiation exists all around us. The sun, air, soil, food and water and even our houses, emit radiation. And this is known as ‘Natural Background Radiation’.

    The surprising fact is that the radiation emitted from a nuclear power plant is negligible and indeed much less than the natural background radiation, and it doesn’t have any adverse effect.

    You probably know that radiation is used for the diagnosis and the treatment of fatal diseases like cancer. Besides that, radiation has also contributed to the progress of industries and agriculture.

    What’s more, you’ll agree that the non-power applications of radiation are a boon and not a curse.

  • Nuclear power plants emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

    Burning of wood, coal, oil, diesel etc. produces carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide that pollutes the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are causing the rise in atmospheric temperature, the world over. This phenomenon is known as global warming, which leads to natural calamities like forest fires, floods, melting of glaciers and disappearance of coral reefs.

    On comparing, you’ll find that the generation of one unit of electricity using coal produces 1 kg of carbon dioxide, while using oil produces 0.75 kg of carbon dioxide and using gas produces 0.50 kg of carbon dioxide, which pollutes the atmosphere to a considerable extent. But the amazing fact is that the nuclear power plant doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide.

    And since there is no carbon dioxide emission, there is no harm to the environment. That’s why they say nuclear power is an eco-friendly power.


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